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Argaw FamilyMy name is Mekdes, I live in Hungary. I met Lori at 'Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe' and I've known her for the last three years. For me it was such a privilege to know her and I'm so grateful for that .

Lori has been a mother, an adviser and such a good friend for me, especially during my pregnancy.

She would come to my house at least twice a week teach me the things that are expected to happen the things so that I would know for instance how to breath, different positions and how to push. She prepared me physically and psychologically for the delivery.

Lori is a very calm person and uses simple words to express herself and she is very practical too.

On the day I delivered my baby, she was sitting by me as were driving to the hospital, telling me how to breath and relax my body in a gentle voice, that time I felt like God was the was who was talking to me...I still remember every word she said to me, it was very comforting and encouraging.

In the hospital I chose her to be my Doula, she was the one I listen more than the doctor with full confidence. I realized how much fortunate I was to be in Hungary, in my country of Ethiopia we don't have Doulas to teach, encourage and prepare you. I always praise God for bringing such an amazing person as Lori my way and I'm so thankful for having her as a doula and a friend.

I really have confidence to say Lori is gifted from above because the bible says that "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above!

Sweet Lori I really would like to thank you for what you did for me, I will not forget forever! You did a wonderful thing for me! May God bless you with His richest blessings!


Kim S "Lori's breathing tips, her comfort, and her peaceful and serene presence was much needed and crucial..."
Leah S "My first child came with all of the nervous joy you can expect with your first baby. Add to that excited fear, being in a foreign country without the support of my family, giving birth in a hospital straight out of a WWII movie, and not being able to speak or understand the language and you have a recipe for a very scary situation. That is just what I experienced with my first daughter.

If it had not been for Lori preparing me for the birth and being with me I would never have made it! She arrived somewhere around the 4th or 5th hour after my induction (we lived hours apart and she travelled all the way there by bus to help me!).

I had to be induced because we did not know how long it had been since my water had broken. Because of the induction, my contraction came on super strong and came very quickly not at all like a regular labor. Lori arrived at a point when I thought I was done and just wanted to have a c-section because it was too much for me.

Because of the hospital regulations, she relieved my husband who really needed a break at that point, and began to encourage me that I could do this. She spoke gently but confidently and gave me all of the support I needed. Because she knew what to expect and how to help me (the nurses were of no help as we spoke different languages!) I was able to get through transition and into the pushing stage.

I am convinced that if she had not been there during the labor I would have had a cesarean because I would have given up.

She was a gift from God during this birth and I am so blessed that she was there to coach me, support me, and encourage me. She is truly gifted to be a doula and I am so thankful for her! "

Who needs a doula?

Given the positive statistics and the positive feedback from many mothers who have had the experience of having a Doula attend their births, we hope that many more mothers will choose to have a Doula. We love this age-old but newly rediscovered concept and we hope to be facilitators of promoting women helping women in this way.

Who needs a Doula? Every woman giving birth needs someone whom she can trust to encourage and support her in practical ways as she goes through labor.

We volunteer our services for free to teen-moms.


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Doula Birth

How to choose a doula

Doula BirthI believe that being a mother and having children of my own gives me even more credibility. I am trained in childbirth and labor support and bring you the combination of experience and training. Most importantly, I believe this is a ministry God has given me and put in me hearts as a desire to do. I pray that I can do this to the best of my ability and as a way of honoring God who is the author and giver of all life.

You should choose a Doula trained in Labor Support and Childbirth Education, someone who lives close by and someone you can trust enough to be comfortable with during your labor. Someone who will be a support for you and your family in order to have the safest and best birth possible for your little baby who is about to come into this world.

Do you have a birth plan?

Doula Hospital birthWhere will you give birth to your baby? Who will be there for the birth? What level of involvement does the father want, will he cut the umbilical cord? Which interventions are you ok with: pain medication, epidural, episiotomy, cesarean? What tests/procedures do you want your baby to have when he/she is first born: PKU, hypothyroidism, antibiotics for eyes?

These are some of the questions you should be researching and asking yourself as you prepare for the birth of your baby. We would love to make it easy for you by sitting down with you and helping you explore your options and the many choices that you have. We can help you work through these questions and write your preferences into a plan so that you will be prepared when the big day happens. Call today for a free consultation.